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About Me

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Hi there, I’m Sam!

6ft 5, bodybuilder, Nobel Prize-winning author and an Olympic gold medalist.

Just kidding. None of that is true!

Although…I did win the gold medal for the egg and spoon race at the age of 8, which I still proudly include on my CV to this day. Well..not really, but can you imagine?

To properly introduce myself…

I’m Sam, a UK-born travel-obsessed individual who has travelled to over 20+ countries across the world and counting, with my mission to keep exploring the globe one destination at a time.  

On Showcasing The Globe, I provide travel experience and insights through travel guides, tips, itineraries, day trips and much more to help you travel better and get you all ready for your next trip.

I like to explore pretty much anywhere and everywhere

Give me an off-beaten place to visit or the most ridiculous hike, and I’m all there for it! Although I’m also the conventional type with frequent city breaks and history dives. I try to do what I can, travelling all I can, while battling through the 9-5! 

Some of the places I’ve been

Me at Oeschinen Lake Switzerland
The ever-beautiful Oeschinen Lake in Switzerland.
Overlooking Banje Beach in Dubrovnik
Overlooking the Old Town of Dubrovnik next to Banje Beach

Random travel facts about me

I’ve been to Greece over 10 times (I practically should have a passport by now)

I recently did an interrailing trip across Europe, travelling to over 7 countries in 24 days.

Some of the interesting things I did during that trip

The Budapest Parliament Building Illuminated At Night
Cruised along the Danube River in Budapest
Walking along Postojna Cave
Went cave hunting in Slovenia (Postojna Cave)

Also, I…

Watched an Italian Opera in Venice. (It was in Italian, so I had no clue what they were singing, but it sounded really good!)

Hiked up Oeschinen Lake (my victory view is above) + so much of Switzerland.

Went to a Mozart concert at Hohensalzburg Fortress in Salzburg. Yes, I know…i’m a typical tourist!

And a whole lot more…..

Why I blog 

To give my readers the best travel information, whether it's a 'How to get from A to B' or just general city guides and recommendations from my own experiences.

Inspire people to broaden their horizons in travel, explore the off-beaten path, and make the most out of their travels with the aim to boost their confidence to travel more and help cultivate their inner explorer, as it has my own.

To help those who want to travel more while doing the typical 9-5.  

To provide budget-friendly tips for those who want a more affordable trip - I'm obsessed with budgeting

Need help? you know a little more about me and what Showcasing The Globe is about, feel free to ask any travel-related or personal questions; contact me

I’m sure in some time soon, when I’ve travelled more and more, this About Me section will have the reading length of The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. Extended edition! 

What now

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