A Serene Day Trip to Cavtat from Dubrovnik: Croatia’s Gem

by Sam
The serene beauty of Cavtat, a popular day trip spot from Dubrovnik, featuring crystal-clear Adriatic waters, vibrant greenery, and quaint architecture nestled between rolling hills, all under the expansive blue sky.

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Oh, Cavtat, what a treat! A serene day out is the minimum you can expect in Cavtat.

I was lucky enough to go for a day trip to Cavtat from Dubrovnik when I had the luxury of a spare few days in my itinerary. And it was safe to say that this coastal town stole my heart during my time in Croatia. 

From what seemed like a Dubrovnik Déjà vu, with red-roofed buildings, pebble beaches, and a lovely port, Cavtat was a delight where I received the Mediterranean and medieval feel with the bonus of far fewer crowds. 

Although it has a small exterior, the town has many activities to ponder, so you must plan your time efficiently on your day out from Dubrovnik.

This guide will help you get the most out of your trip to the wonderful Cavtat. 

Is Cavtat worth visiting? 

Cavtat is 100% worth visiting for a day trip from Dubrovnik and is a perfect location to escape the city’s hustle and bustle.

It is a beautiful little coastal town with a charming aesthetic, stunning sea views, relaxing beaches and plenty of cafes and restaurants.

Visitors often overlook the town and only utilise it as a base to visit Dubrovnik without seeing its undeniable charms.

Nighttime view of the calm sea at Cavtat, Croatia, with the moon's reflection creating a shimmering path on the water, as seen from a tree-lined promenade illuminated by a street lamp.
It’s even more beautiful at night!

When to visit Cavtat

The best time to visit Cavtat is in late spring, from May to June. Late spring is when the peak tourist season hasn’t hit, and the weather is still warm enough for a beach day out.

Everything is more expensive in the summer, while it is colder in other seasons, so late spring gives you the best of all worlds.

Exploring Cavtat from Dubrovnik 

Cavtat is 19 km from Dubrovnik, with frequent, easily accessible transport options from the city, making it a perfect place to visit for a day trip.

Transport options: Dubrovnik to Cavtat

Bus: To get to Cavtat from Dubrovnik by bus, catch the No.10 bus from the Dubrovnik central bus station. It stops at many popular stops like Port Gruž, the Dubrovnik Cable Car station, Mećajac, Mlini and many more.

The buses run every half-hour, from 5 AM until midnight, and cost €4 per person for a single ticket. ​Check out the current Dubrovnik to Cavtat bus schedule.

Ferry: To take a ferry from Dubrovnik to Cavtat, depart from the Dubrovnik Old Town Port. From Dubrovnik, it is a 45-minute journey by ferry to Cavtat, and ferries depart approximately 10-15 times per day. 

Adriana Cavtat runs the ferry service, which only runs from April to November. You can check out their ferry schedule and ticket prices here.

Car: Getting to Cavtat by car is the easiest option. It takes 25-30 minutes from Dubrovnik, and there are plenty of parking spots, especially next to the promenade.

Best things to do in Cavtat, Croatia

1. Walk along the promenade

The promenade is one of the prettiest parts of Cavtat, extending around the Rat peninsula and through the town’s core. 

It takes 1-2 hours to explore fully, making it a perfect leisurely activity for your day out from Dubrovnik.

On the promenade, you’ll find the coastal town’s long strip of cafes, shops and beaches – all next to the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. 

I recommend slowly wandering around and seeing what you can find. There are plenty of benches nearby to soak in the lovely coastal views. Plus, a lot of ice cream along the promenade to pick up a nice treat for when you relax. 

Be sure to look out for these little archways as you wander around. These were some of my favourite finds in the town.

Sunset view of Cavtat marina in Croatia, framed by ancient stone archways, highlighting the tranquil sea, moored boats, and historic coastal architecture in the soft evening light.
These arches acted as a perfect frame for that scenic photo of Cavtat.

2. Explore the Old Town and its monuments

Much like Dubrovnik, Cavtat has its own Old Town of medieval ambience, with narrow alleyways, old stone houses, charming little establishments on the corners, and prestigious monuments.

A narrow stone alleyway in Cavtat Town, lined with traditional buildings and vibrant bougainvillea flowers in full bloom under a clear blue sky.

The Church of St. Nicholas, the Bukovac House and Gallery, the Franciscan Monastery, and the Racic Mausoleum are the monuments I recommend visiting, which take very little time to explore.

The Racic Mausoleum was my highlight out of the four. It is the highest point in the town and takes around 15 minutes to hike up to from the Franciscan Monastery. 

It only costs €4 to enter. The stand-out point is, of course, the picturesque panoramic view across the town.

Panoramic view overlooking the terracotta rooftops of Cavtat, Croatia, with the serene blue waters of the Adriatic Sea and lush green hills in the background, under a clear sky.
This view is much worth the climb, even if you don’t plan to visit the mausoleum.   

3.  Go for a swim

Around Cavtat’s promenade and coast, there are numerous areas where you can pop your things down and go for a swim in the nearby waters. 

Don’t worry if it seems strange; you’ll notice all the locals doing it as you walk around. They just jump in the sea from almost anywhere there is a safe spot to hop in. 

There seem to be no limitations when it comes to Cavtat! Find a nice, cosy area and make that your beach. 

 A serene view of the coastal town of Cavtat, Croatia, with lush greenery in the foreground, framing the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea and a lone swimmer, backed by rolling hills and a clear blue sky.

4. Take a boat trip

A trip around the Adriatic Sea should be essential to your Cavtat itinerary. Boat trips in Cavtat allow you to explore the sea’s stunning scenery, with refreshments on board and opportunities to snorkel. 

To find a boat trip, I recommend heading along the promenade and speaking to one of the tour operators. This is the best way to find a tour and book right on the spot. 

Alternatively, you can book online – although I found the tours more expensive and only offered private options.

Where can you go, may you ask?

Well, you can take a trip to the lovely island of Lokrum, hop across the Elaphiti Islands, venture into Mljet and its famous national park, or simply return to Dubrovnik. 

A sailboat cruising near the coastline of Cavtat, Croatia, with a backdrop of dense Mediterranean greenery, historical architecture, and a lively promenade under a vivid blue sky with wispy clouds

5.  Hike around the coast

When you visit a coastal town, the one activity that never springs to mind is going on an ever-rewarding hike, but I can assure you, you’ll be missing out if you don’t hike around Cavtat’s coast.

Along the coast of Cavtat are so many scenic hiking trails. The one I highly recommend is the Sustjepan Hiking trail.

As you pass Sustjepan Beach, you’ll enter this narrow woodland path that winds and bends around for around 30 minutes.

A winding path surrounded by a dense array of pine trees with sunlight casting a warm glow on the forest floor.

There are many stop-offs along the trail, with benches if you need a rest. Along the trail, you’ll get many gorgeous views across the Cavtat port and the Old Town. So get your camera ready! 

If that hiking trail doesn’t offer much excitement, there are many more hiking trails in Cavtat.

A person with a content smile, wearing a red shirt and khaki shorts, enjoys a sunny day on the Sustjepan Hiking Trail in Cavtat, surrounded by verdant trees with a tranquil blue lake and mountainous landscape in the distance.
Venturing around the Sustjepan Hiking Trail.

6. Relax at one of Cavtat’s beaches

Cavtat has some of the most beautiful and relaxing beach areas near Dubrovnik. There are over six beaches, ranging from pebbly bays to rocky shores, each with a unique twist. 

My recommendations;

Sustjepan Beach: Right near the Sustjepan Hiking trail is one of my favourite beaches, Sustjepan Beach. It has a concrete sunbathing area with sunbeds and beach chairs available to rent.

If you want to access the sea, there are stairs right by the sunbeds that lead directly to the water, so you can dip in and out as you please.

The beach is right next to Spinaker Restaurant & Lounge Bar, which serves lovely cocktails, perfect for a sip during that warm Mediterranean climate.  

Beach Zal: Just a 12-minute walk from the promenade is Cavtat’s most popular and longest beach,  Beach Zal. It is the most recommended beach for families.

A huge selling point of the Beach Zal is its fun-filled activities catering to adults and kids.

It has a giant bouncy castle in the middle of the sea, with water rental shops nearby to rent Kayaks, Pedal boats, Stand-Up Boards, you name it!

Where to eat in Cavtat

Cavtat offers a massive selection of eateries around the promenade, serving fresh food with a Dalmatian twist. I was lucky to try a few gems in Cavtat during my time there. 

Here are my recommendations that offer great selections suited to all dietary requirements; 

  • Konoba Toranj:  This restaurant is difficult to miss with its giant blue fish logo! It has a vast selection of foods and is much cheaper than most options along the promenade. It also has a lovely sea view!
  • Ivan: Ivan’s restaurant is your go-to for Mediterranean and European food, emphasising its extensive range of seafood. The service is impeccable and run by the owner, Ivan ‘hence the name’, who puts in a tireless shift with his team to make you feel at home. 
  • Konoba Galija: Konoba Galija was my go-to for a lovely lunch. They serve various options for a light lunch or an evening meal. While it is pretty pricey, the quality doesn’t disappoint one bit. 


Well, that concludes a lovely day out to Cavtat from Dubrovnik.

If you have enough time in your Dubrovnik itinerary, then be sure to make Cavtat a top priority.

It is a coastal dream, full of charming ambience, stunning views and beaches perfect for that lazy day out in the sun.  

While a day may suffice to cover most of Cavtat’s attractions, there are so many nooks and crannies in the town that I recommend dedicating a whole day to ensure you cover everything.

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