Top 12 Most Beautiful Places To Visit in Slovenia

by Sam
picturesque view of a lake in Slovenia, showcasing the country's natural beauty with a wooden jetty extending into the clear waters, framed by verdant trees and a majestic mountain range in the distance. Visitors enjoy the idyllic setting under a bright blue sky

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Slovenia stands out as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s incredibly small compared to its neighbours, but it is so vast in the range of places to visit that the country will keep you intrigued and always wanting more. 

You can go from top to bottom in all about a 3-hour car journey, but find yourself spending seven days, ten days or even two weeks exploring its majestic lakes, beautiful national parks and medieval cities and towns that leave you spellbound. 

For this list, I’ve compiled the top 12 most beautiful places without any particular order, ranging from one of Europe’s best lakes to UNESCO heritage natural wonders to historical gems, each of their own creating an unforgettable experience.

So, to help you fill up that dream Slovenia itinerary and explore your next incredible adventure, let’s begin! 

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Most beautiful places in Slovenia

1. Ljubljana

Oh, Ljubljana, what a treat! Rarely is a capital talked about as one of the most beautiful places, but this city is an exception.

Home to a small population of only 280,000, this cultural city has so much to explore. You’ll find much of its beauty is situated around the Old Town and along the banks of the Ljubljanica River.

Take a walk across the famous city bridges, including Triple Bridge, which leads to Preseren Square, Ljubljana’s bustling hotspot that shines with the vibrant pink exterior of the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation.

A wide view of the Preseren Square in Ljubljana Old Town

For the city’s best view, take the funicular or walk up to Ljubljana Castle. Experience the best of the city’s medieval atmosphere, topped off with picturesque views across the capital.

Panoramic View of Ljubljana from the Funicular by Ljubljana Castle

If you’re anything like me and need the occasional serene escape from the bustling city centre, then Tivoli Park is the best place to go in Ljubljana. 

The park is the largest green space in this city, spanning over 5km. Along its stretch, you’ll find pretty little fountains and ponds, plenty of walking paths for short strolls and a few attractions to keep you intrigued – especially if you are an art lover!

2. Škocjan Caves

Yes, if there’s one thing you need to know about Slovenia, it is full of underground caves, and Škocjan is one of the best of the bunch.

Carved by the Reka River, this UNESCO site has a Tolkien-like vibe. Stepping through its grand scale interior makes you feel like you’re inside a fantasy cave, with its aesthetic on another worldly scale that leaves you breathless.

The inside of Škocjan Caves in Slovenia
The UNESCO Heritage site of Škocjan Caves is a stunning natural wonder, one of Slovenia's most beautiful.

To enter the caves, you must take a guided tour, and it takes 10 minutes to reach the inside from the visitor’s centre.

As you start your 2.5km Skocjan cave’s 6km stretch, you’ll walk past many stalactites and stalagmites and then be on due course for some waterfalls and vast caverns.

The Škocjan Caves Stalactites and Stalagmites formed in Škocjan Caves

The two main caves are the Silent Cave and the Murmuring Cave. Both are majestic in their own right, but Murmuring takes the top spot!

You’ll pass one of the largest underground caverns in the world and walk along the Cerkvenik Bridge, which was by far my favourite part! Mainly cause I felt like I stepped into Peter Jackson’s ‘Fellowship of the Ring’. 

I’m sure it’ll bring a unique experience for everyone, reminiscent of something pretty you’ve seen on film!

Waterfalls flowing through the Reka River in Škocjan Caves
Panoramic view of Cerkvenik Bridge in Škocjan Caves

3. Maribor

Surrounded by the stunning natural scenery of the Pohorje Mountains and the Drava River, the city of Maribor is an absolute delight and a must-visit in Slovenia.

One of the best things to do in Maribor is to venture around Grajski Trg Square, its prominent hotspot, full of the city’s most important attractions.

Its notable long-standing landmark seen from anywhere in the square is Maribor Castle, a beautiful Baroque building that is home to the Region Mususem of Maribor. Inside, you’ll dive deep into the history of Maribor from the Stone Age to the early 20th century.

Grajski Square with Maribor Castle at its centrepiece

Although Maribor is Slovenia’s second biggest city, remarkably, it is very compact. Other squares are just a foot away from Grajski Trg, including Glavni Trg, one of the largest and grandest, or Trg Svobode (Freedom Square), notable for the Maribor Liberation Monument at its centrepiece. 

Glavni Trg Square in Maribor, Slovenia
Liberation Monument Maribor Slovenia

Stroll around Maribor’s streets and admire the stunning Habsburg architecture. Or try a local wine. Maribor is famous for living and breathing some of Slovenia’s best wines.

So, have a glass or two while indulging yourself in views of this beautiful city!

Fun Fact

Maribor has the oldest vine in the world, which is over 400 years old. It still produces grapes to this day.

4. Lake Bled

A trip to Slovenia would be incomplete without visiting one of its most popular places.

You only need one day in Lake Bled to see why it is the country’s poster child. A little visit and you’ll instantly see the abundance of lush greenery and mountainous landscapes that this beautiful Slovenian place offers.

The lake’s pristine waters are topped off with a little island placed in the middle, all adding to its beauty and charm. The island can be accessed through the famous Plentna Boats, which can be hired from many areas around the lake.

Take a Pletna Boat to Bled Island in Lake Bled

As you paddle to the island and climb the 99 stairs, you will come across the Church of the Assumption. Legend says that if you ring its bell, your wish will come true. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep the receipt to place my wish, so I can’t sue them if it doesn’t come to fruition!

There are many other exciting activities you can indulge in at Lake Bled, including hiking around its shores.

It takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete the walk, but it is worth it for the picturesque views, quaint walkways, and various water activities you can participate in along the way.

Walkway along Lake Bled

To top off your experience, the best place to head to Bled Castle, perched on top of a hill overlooking the lake.

Make sure to try the local speciality, Bled Cake, at the castle’s restaurant. It is available at other cafes/restaurants around the lake, but not ones that offer as good a view of the lake as Bled Castle provides. 

5. Soča River

Slovenia is very famous for its pristine lakes and rivers that showcase all its natural beauty. One river that springs to mind is the Soča River, a long stretch of 138km of crystal clear waters that meanders through the Western Slovenian region. 

The river’s stretch is best explored, with water activities frequently hosted throughout the valley.

Kayaking along Soča River

Whether you’re a kayaking enthusiast, novice paddleboarder or just someone looking to dip their toes in the water, the Soca River can provide more than enough entertainment for a fun-adventure day out.


Alongside an array of water activities, Soca Valley boasts some of the most beautiful towns in Slovenia, like Bovec, Tolmin, Kobarid, and Kanal, all worth adding to your Slovenia itinerary. 

They play home to various attractions, cosy restaurants, quaint shops, medieval aesthetics and charming accommodations – perfect for stopping off after a long day of exploring the river or for those looking for new adventures.

Panoramic view of The Italian Charnel House in Kobarid, Slovenia
Overlooking the Kanal Town in Slovenia

6. Postojna Caves

In Slovenia’s underground lies the Postojna Cave, a 24km natural wonder that has been formed over millions of years, waiting to be explored by its next adventurer.

The entrance to the main part of the cave is performed in style. To begin your tour, you’ll need to ride the exhilarating electric mine train, which will take you through 3.7 km of underground caves, past many stalactites and stalagmites.

Taking through the Postojna Cave on the Electric Train

During your tour, you will embark on a 1km guided walk around this natural wonder, with several sights of different rock formations along the way. 

Including the popular spaghetti chamber and the huge 5m white stalagmite called ‘Brilliant’ which is a symbol of the cave.

Postojna Cave Park rock formations in Slovenia
Postojna Cave Park rock formations

One of the main features of the cave is the unique species that lies in it, including its most famous ‘olm’.

This slender-like creature is blind and bound to the underground, adapting its life around the dark and wet conditions of the cave. You’ll learn more about it in the Vivarium exhibition, which is one of the cave’s many additional attractions.

Special Mention

When you’re done with caves, I highly recommend visiting Predjama Castle, one of Slovenia’s finest castles, formed in the mouth of a cave.

It’s just a short distance away, and both attractions are easily explored from Ljubljana or other major cities.

Both can be explored together through a tour here.

7. Lake Bohinj

Cornered by the mountainous landscapes of the Julian Alps, in the Triglav National Park is the ever-beautiful Lake Bohinj. This pristine glacial lake stands high on every list of the best places to visit in Slovenia.

The 2.6-mile lake offers a plethora of outdoor activities, including water rafting, swimming, paddle boarding and hikes that will surely put your feet to the test.

People doing water activities on Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Lake Bohinj has many popular attractions, including the Church of St John the Baptist at its head, which displays one of the most stunning examples of medieval architecture and frescoes.

One attraction I highly recommend visiting near Bohinj is Savica Waterfalls. This requires a strenuous hike to get to, but it is reachable via public transport.

You’ll also need to do a hike up the 550 steps to the waterfalls from the base, but once you are at the viewing platform, you’ll be treated to a 70m high two-part waterfall cascading down the rocks. One of the best sights you’ll see in Slovenia!

Cascading waters flowing down the Savica Waterfall in Slovenia

8. Koper

Another one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia is the lovely coastal city of Koper. Situated near the borders of Italy and Croatia, it can be the perfect stop-off during your Adriatic adventures.

When you are there, take a stroll around its streets. With its historical ties with the Venetian Empire, much of its architecture is still intact and becomes evident when you see its old buildings and structures. 

Inside Koper Town in Slovenia

If you are visiting Koper, prioritise taking a walk around its picturesque harbour, alongside the promenade and then into the charming Old Town.

This area is the hotspot for various cafes, restaurants, and quaint little shops, alongside some of the highlights of Venetian architecture, with the Venetian Gothic building ‘Praetorian Palace’ at its centre.

A walk along the Koper Promenade in Slovenia during the beautiful sunset.
The walk along the Koper Promenade is all the more beautiful during sunset!

Key Note

Koper also has a few beaches: City Beach and Zusterna

The coastline in Slovenia is scarce, so although these beaches are both pebbly, we will honestly take what we can for a little bit of sunbathing and a swim!

9. Vintgar Gorge

Located on the edge of Triglav National Park and a short distance away from Bled is Vintgar Gorge, one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia.

The gorge was first discovered in 1891, and it only took two years before it was built into a tourist attraction with footbridges implemented to explore its natural beauty.

The wooden walkways of Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia
The rivers of Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia

As you walk around the 1.6km long trail along the wooden bridges, you’ll venture past stunning cascading waterfalls, turquoise waters and rapids carved by the Radovna River, sailing through the vertical rocks of Hom and Boršt hills.

Once you reach the end, a hut with several picnic tables will be there, where you can pick up a beverage and listen to the calm and relaxing sounds of the nearby flowing rivers. I would add this destination to any travel bucket list! 

The little waterfalls of Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia
Vintgar Gorge is truly one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia!

10. Vršič Pass

Vrsic Pass is Slovenia’s highest mountain pass, located in the eastern part of the Julian Alps. The pass starts at Kranjska Gora. This little alpine resort is one of the most beautiful places in Triglav National Park.

From Kranjska Gora, you’ll embark on a thrilling car journey, making your way up and around 50 hairpins of road and eventually ending in Soča Valley. It is perfect for a road trip! 

Road leading to Vršič Pass from Kranjska Gora in a winter setting
Vrsic Pass Surrounding Mountains

On the journey, there are plenty of stop-off points with hiking trails, skiing areas, and cycling routes galore, all there for those who love a good adventure.

One of the popular stop-off points is the Russian Chapel – an orthodox church built by Russian prisoners who also constructed the pass. Unfortunately, you can’t actually go inside the Chapel, but its exterior is still brilliant, just to have a look at. 

Stairs leading to the Russian Chapel in Slovenia

If you are looking for some hikes to do while you are there,  Slemenova Špica is your best bet! It takes around 4 hours to complete and is truly scenic the whole way. 

Key Note

Vršič Pass is closed during the Winter due to potential avalanches. If you are travelling to Slovenia during that time, Predel Pass is a great alternative to venture around, with it being open all year round. 

11. Piran

Ah Piran, truly one of the most beautiful towns in Slovenia. This Venetian-inspired town, built on the edge of a peninsula, is full of gorgeous Gothic architecture, with narrow streets and pastel-coloured homes.

One of the main squares in Piran, Slovenia

Although the town is compact and can be ventured in a day, a stay there is recommended as there are plenty of things to do to keep you busy. 

Perhaps the best place to start is exploring Tartini Square, the heart and soul of Piran. 

You’ll be indulged in the towns true ambience at the centre of the square surrounded by graceful buildings and local eateries overlooking the town’s pier.

Panoramic view overlooking Tartini Square in Slovenia

To get one of the best views of Piran, head over to St George’s Church and climb its Bell Tower. Or, a little farther out, walk along the Piran Town Walls.

For only €3 to enter, you’ll be treated to the best panoramic view of the town!

12. Izola

Just a 20-minute drive away from Piran is a charming little old fishing village called Izola. This is one of Slovenia’s many hidden gems, attracting far fewer crowds than Piran, but it stands out by itself with its own unique charms and a place full of life.

With its location on the seafront, it comes with a harbour and promenade, with a long stretch, perfect a little walk. As you walk along, you’ll see plenty of pastel-coloured homes with a very similar aesthetic and set up to its neighbour, Piran.

Walking along the Izola Promenade located in Slovenia viewing all its pastel coloured homes

The Old Town of Izola is one of its many highlights to explore while you are there. With its history closely aligned with the Venetian empire, you’ll notice the building architecture is displayed in the Venetian Style, similar to nearby towns along the Adriatic Coast.

Through the town its is most popular monument, ‘The Church of St. Maurus’ and just next to it, is also Izola’s Belltower, offering the best viewing point of the town. 

Outside exterior of Church of St. Maurus and The Bell Tower in Izola, Slovenia

To access the belltower, you must get permission from the church. After permission has been granted, you’ll have to climb 99 steps to reach the top. Once your there, enjoy the best view of Izola.

Final thoughts

And there you have it! 12 of the most beautiful places in Slovenia to fill up your jam-packed itinerary.

It is definitely in my top 5 of the places I’ve visited. All I did was explore highlight after highlight; as you can see, there is so much to explore.

Whether you are a city-goer or just someone who appreciates good landscapes, your trip to Slovenia will be diverse; as it’s a small country, you will be given all the best of both worlds in just a short journey time. I hope your time there was just as brilliant as mine. 

Which of these beautiful places in Slovenia would you like to visit the most? Or, if you have questions about Slovenia and need some tips for your itinerary, leave them in the comments below. Safe travels!

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