How to Spend 3 Days in Brasov: A Perfect Itinerary

by Sam
How to Spend 3 Days in Brasov, A Perfect Itinerary

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Brasov is one of the most underrated cities in Europe. This little Romanian charmer, situated in the heart of the Transylvanian region, offers a blend of medieval excellence and natural beauty. 

While officially a city, Brasov still has its old preserved aesthetic with an untouched medieval Old Town adorned with cobbled streets and historical monuments. 

Planning a 3-day itinerary in Brasov to explore the best of the city and its Old Town? Or maybe you’re a Dracula superfan looking to dive into the depths of the Transylvanian region. 

This guided itinerary will cover everything and more to ensure you have the perfect 3 days in Brasov. 

3 day Itinerary in Brasov

Day 1 – Explore the Old Town

For day 1 of your Brasov Itinerary, explore the depths of its Old Town.

This is in the city’s heart, filled with many cobblestone streets, medieval architecture and a picturesque main square, all brilliant for exploring. But what should you do first?

Admire the Council Square

Walk to the Council Square of the Old Town to start your Brasov journey. This square has been a central gathering for locals for centuries. It has various hosted markets, festivals, and events and remains the main focal point of the Old Town. Expect to see many tourists taking pictures of the stunning baroque buildings and grand architecture.

As you walk through the Council Square, you’ll spot the enormous Council House at the square’s centrepiece, which once served as the meeting place for Brasov’s city council.

There are plenty of restaurants and cafes in the area with seating areas outside, so if you’re not done gazing upon its stunning architecture, sit down for a light-hearted morning beverage and watch the square slowly come alive.

Top tip – For some of Brasov’s best breakfasts, head to La Birou Bistro, just a 5-minute  walk from Council Square.

Council Square in Brasov

Head to the Black Church

Once you are done admiring the Council Square, head over to the Black Church, the biggest gothic church in Romania.

It is only a 2-minute walk from Council Square and is worth looking around for its Gothic architecture and interior, which are both stunning. The price to enter is 10 Lei.

Opening times:
Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 5:45 pm; Sunday to Monday, 12 pm to 5:45 pm  

The Black Church in Brasov

Walk through Rope Street

Now you’ve finished with the Black Church, stroll through one of the narrowest streets in Europe. Once only a corridor for firefighters, Rope Street is a must-see in Brasov, considering you don’t fear tight spaces.

The street is adorned with many street art and decorations and is unique to experience in the Old Town. It’s a public space, so it’s free, so what’s to lose? It’s one of the coolest little hidden gems in Europe I’ve been in.

A look through Rope Street in Brasov

Walk to the White and Black Tower.

Head to the White and Black Tower. These medieval fortresses offer some of the most breathtaking views of Brasov and the surrounding Carpathian Mountains.

The walk to these towers requires walking up steep steps. Sadly, there is no other way up, so it is not recommended for those with mobility issues. However, for those walking up those steep steps, it is 100% worth it!

To reach the White Tower

To reach the White Tower, you must get to Bastionul Graft, a 10-minute walk from the main square. Once you are at Brastionul Graft, there are stairs where you can walk up towards the White Tower. Discover the directions here

To reach the Black Tower

To get to the Black Tower, start from the White Tower and follow the path alongside the old city walls until you see a blue sign pointing you towards the Black Tower. 

The Black Tower provides a stunning overlook of the city, which you may recognise from famous pictures of Brasov. 

View from Black Tower Brasov
You can get some stunning views of Brasov from the Black Tower.

Head back to the Old Town for the evening.

Once you are finished at the famous fortress towers, head back to the Old Town to settle down for the day.

Walk along the charming streets and browse the many shops and local souvenirs as you prepare for dinner.

Dine at the Ogada

For one of the best meals in Brasov, dine at the Ogada. The restaurant is located right in the heart of the square. It has an outdoor seating area, placed perfectly so you can overlook the square. Its eating area inside is also nicely decorated and has a vibrant feel.

Most importantly, the food is incredible, and the service is attentive and welcoming. They made it a huge priority to ensure we had the best time in the restaurant.

Both I and my partner are the Veal Rissole and it was divine! 

Wander through the Old Town and grab a late-night refreshment.

Wandering around the Brasov Square in the evening is magical. The lit-up Baroque architecture and scenic surroundings make it a must-see. The square comes alive at night, with many vendors around to grab a late-night snack and soak up the atmosphere.

Grab a chimney cake.

For a sweet snack, try Kürtőskalács (Chimney Cake). This sweet pastry, rolled in a spiral shape, is an absolute delight. Plenty of vendors around the Old Town sell the cake with a wide range of toppings. My personal favourite was the cinnamon coating! I’m honestly gutted they don’t sell it in the UK.

For an atmospheric setting, there are benches in the centre of the square next to the fountains, perfect for people-watching as you tuck away into a delicious Chimney Cake.

Grab a light night beverage.

To top the night off, visit the cafe ‘Shakespeare Coffee & Poetry’ for a late-night beverage. This little hidden gem in Brasov’s Old Town is a must-visit. 

Its atmosphere is a peaceful, cosy setting from the bustling square, with many choices on the menu. The hot chocolates were delicious and, of course, served in a Shakespeare-themed mug!

Two hot chocolates in the Shakespeare Coffee And Poetry cafe in Brasov

After you’ve finished your beverage and had a fantastic 1st day in Brasov, it’s time to head back to your accommodation for some all-important rest and get ready for Day 2, to explore the beautiful region of Transylvania.

Day 2 – Venture out into the Transylvanian region.

For day 2 of the Brasov itinerary, it is time to venture more into the Transylvanian region and see its surrounding areas and monuments. It is one the best things to do in Brasov! 

Day Trip to Bran Castle

One of the best things to do on a day trip is visit Bran Castle from Brasov, often called ‘Dracula’s Castle.’ The castle was built in 1377 and has gone through many uses, including a royal residence and a military fortress. 

Its most famous standing in modern culture is the connection between Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’. The historical figure ‘Vlad the Impaler‘ was rumoured to have lived in this castle and inspired Bram Stoker’s character for the creation of the character Dracula. 

How to get from Brasov to Bran Castle

By car – Bran Castle is only a 35-minute drive, so for those renting a car, easily accessible parking is available right next to the castle. Taxis are also available locally but are very expensive, so be warned! 

Public transport – To get there via public transport, you must go to the outskirts of the town and head to Autogara 2 Bus Station. 

From the Old Town, it can accessed via walking or by taking the number 16 or 21 bus from Livada Poștei, the central bus station in the Old Town. Get off at Stadionul Tineretului and then walk 5 minutes to Autogara 2. The total route takes 20 minutes. Find the public transport routes here.

Note: You can purchase your tickets before you enter the bus. These can purchased by available kiosks next to most major bus stops. 

Once at Autogara 2 Bus Station, catch the bus with ‘Bran’ labelled at the front. You can purchase tickets at the ticket office at the bus station. Bus tickets cost 13 lei and typically leave every hour. You can find an updated timetable here.

They will drop you off in the town of Bran, where you can walk straight up to the castle. For return, the bus stop is opposite where you were dropped off. 

It isn’t signposted as a bus stop; I wasted 30 minutes trying to locate it, not knowing it was right before me! Look for the fast food hut with a shelter; that is where it is. You can purchase your tickets from the driver for 13 Lei to get back to Brasov. 

Visitor information for Bran’s Castle

Once you arrive in Bran, head a little up the hill and walk towards the right to go in the direction of the castle.

If you haven’t pre-booked your tickets, you can purchase tickets at the ticket office just before walking up the castle hill.

However, you can skip the line by pre-booking your tickets. HIGHLY recommend pre-booking, as it gets super busy during most seasons! 

The castle currently costs 60 Lei for Adults and 15 Lei for children.

I warn you, however, that pre-booking is only to skip the line to purchase tickets. Expect queues to get in the castle during tourist seasons. Especially on October 31st, which is its biggest day of the year. I wish I were pre-warned! I should have at least expected it to be that busy. 

Crowd of visitors queueing along a narrow path leading up to Bran Castle on a sunny day, with a banner reading 'ROYAL BY DAY WICKED BY NIGHT' featuring an image of a crown and bat wings, hinting at a Halloween event at the castle.
It took around 2 hours to get in the castle on Halloween!

Looking around Bran Castle’s history

The castle itself has a lot of history. You can explore the many castle rooms, corridors, and terraces and learn all about the lineage that has lived there since 1377. To enhance your experience, I highly recommend visiting the Torture rooms and Time Tunnel

Torture Chambers

The Torture Chambers offers a glimpse into the harsh realities of medieval times, showcasing numerous torture methods that were once used many years ago. Tickets cost 10 Lei

It can accessed along the main balcony of the castle. A staff member will be there to check your ticket. 

Time Tunnel

The Time Tunnel offers an immersive experience through Bran Castles’s history that is visualised on the walls around you as you walk through the tunnel. The lift down there was the best bit about it! Tickets cost 25 Lei.

Note: Don’t enter the Time Tunnel until you finish in the castle. The exit will take you near the bottom of the hill just before walking to the castle entrance.

Tickets for the Torture Chambers and Time Tunnel can be purchased alongside your Bran castle ticket on the website. You can also buy tickets at. 

Looking around Bran’s castle for Dracula

For those visiting for Dracula, be warned that this castle doesn’t heavily delve into the connection with the story. You won’t get magical organs playing, folk sleeping in coffins or staff nipping at you from an accidental paper cut. 

However, you will have the chance to purchase many Dracula merchandise in the gift shops. Browse around and maybe pick up a souvenir or two. 

Bran Castle also hosts a Halloween party night every year, where people can dress up and celebrate the spookiness within its walls! 

Visiting Rasnov

Your travels in the Transylvanian region are not done there. Why not visit the town of Rasnov? During your bus journey back, you will pass it on your back from Bran, so for more great exploring, head there.

There are plenty of things to do in Rasnov, including visiting its most famous monument, Rasnov Fortress, which can seen from miles away.

For those on the journey back from Bran, you will see the fortress from the giant ‘Rasnov’ sign, similar to the one in Brasov.   

At the top of the fortress, you get some of the most picturesque views across the surrounding valleys and mountains. The town is also relatively quiet and a nice escape from the busier areas of the Transylvanian region. 

Now you’re done exploring, head back, and try out some of local cuisines at the Old town of Brasov for end of day 2.

Rasnov Transylvania

Now you’re done exploring, head back, and try out some of local cuisines at the Old town of Brasov for end of day 2.

Optional Translavania Activities

Looking for more days out from Brasov?

For those looking for something different from the town visit, head to the Libearty Bear Sanctuary, the largest bear sanctuary in Europe. It is however not possible to visit by public transport and by car is the only recommended option for transport.

Peles Castle is also a highly recommended place to visit. This stunning Neo-Reaisannace castle will wow you with its incredible architecture around its grounds.

Want to visit Bran Castle, Rasnov Fortress and Peles Castle from Brasov? 

For a more leisurely trip around the Transylvania region, visitors can join a guided tour that will take you to all three attractions, providing fascinating insights about the history of each site along the way.

This tour will provide transport from Brasov to all three with return included, so it is a well-recommended excursion for a stress-free trip.

Outside architecture of Bran Castle
Bran Castle - One of the best things to do for your Brasov itinerary.

Day 3 – Tampa Peak and exploring the rest of the Brasov.

Your trip to Brasov is nearly at its end, but don’t worry; there are plenty of exciting things left to do in Brasov to tick off your bucket list. 

Going up to Tampa Peak

Tampa Peak is one of Brasov’s most famous landmarks, offering the city’s best views. Perhaps its most striking feature is the sign of ‘BRASOV’, reminiscent of the famous Hollywood sign. Visitors can go right next to it, with the opportunity to take some of the best pictures of the Old Town.

To start your journey, walk towards the Tampa Peak Cable Car Station near the Ropemakers’ Bastion.

The location for the station is here

From here, visitors have two options to reach Tampa Peak;

Cable car to Tampa Peak

To reach the top of Tampa Peak, you can take the cable car to the very top. It currently costs 15 lei each way (30 Lei return).

You can purchase the tickets from the ground and upper station. The station is open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. It is closed around 6 pm in the summer. Note: The station is closed on Mondays.

Hiking up Tampa Peak

For those looking for an adventure, I highly recommend hiking up to Tampa Peak instead of opting for the Cable Car.

My partner and I went on the Serpentine Trail, a 2.7km hike that took around 1 hour and 20 minutes. This is the quickest hike up there! It is a much more gradual path and suited for beginners.

The start of the Serpentine Trail is to the left of the Cable car station, where there are stairs to start your hike. Look for the sign marked with the red triangle. During the walk, look for the red triangles painted on some trees. This is an indication that you’re still on the right path. 

Sign of Serpentine Trail in Brasov
Red triangle on trees

Once you have reached the trail’s peak, the BRASOV sign is just a short path to your right, with a vantage point where you can take pictures of some of the best views overlooking the Old Town of Brasov.

Top tip: This area can get extremely busy between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm when the cable car is running, so expect waiting times for pictures. You can leave this activity till later in the evening, for a trip without the crowds.

Old Town of Brasov Tampa Peak

Visit the Schei District and see its attractions

Next, take an 18-minute walk and visit the Schei District of Brasov.  This charming neighbourhood is known for its charming streets and colourful houses and features some of the most beautiful views of the city and its surrounding mountains. 

Grab a snack nearby

For a delicious light lunch, grab a snack from AntreU Focaccerie. They sell some of the best sandwiches in the city, with a wide range of meat fillings. 

Just a 1-minute walk away is a lovely vegetarian and vegan restaurant called Vegasmo

Both are delicious options! 

Browse through the Romanian School Museum

The Romanian School Museum showcases the early history of Romanian education. 

You will allocated a guide upon entry. A guided tour takes you through its many artefacts, documents, and educational materials accumulated throughout the years. It is a very insightful tour. It costs 20 Lei to enter.

Gaze upon the Schei Gate and Catherine’s Gate

Schei Gate is one of the most impressive remaining fortifications in the District. Its history dates back to medieval times, where you can see the gate that once stood as the city’s defence.

Catherine’s Gate is another beautiful site in Brasov. This is one of Brasov’s last remaining city gates and is well worth looking at in the Schei District. 

Schei Gate in Brasov
Catherine Gate in Brasov

Head back to the Old Town for the evening.

Now head back to the Old Town, where your trip to Brasov first started, to settle down for the night.

Wander along the cobbled streets and narrow alleyways and pick up some souvenirs at the local shops before your trip home. Enjoy the architecture, walk around the square and soak up the atmosphere for one last time.

Need something to eat? Here are your day 3 restaurant recommendations.

Restaurant recommendations

Affordable option – Visit La Ceaun, right by the square, perfect for your final meal. They have an array of affordable options.

Fine dining – Finish your Brasov trip in style by visiting Casa Hirscher. This restaurant is set in a chilled ambience, serving plenty of traditional Romanian dishes, brilliant for experiencing delicious local cultural delights.

And there you have it; the 3-day itinerary has now come to an end. Brasov is such a beautiful city with an incredible Old Town; enjoy all its delights for your final evening as you, sadly, plan to go home. 

Head back to the Old Town for the evening.

Now head back to the Old Town, where your trip to Brasov first started, to settle down for the night.

Wander along the cobbled streets and narrow alleyways and pick up some souvenirs at the local shops before your trip home. Enjoy the architecture, walk around the square and soak up the atmosphere for one last time.

Need something to eat? Here are your day 3 restaurant recommendations.

Council House Brasov in the evening

How do you get around Brasov?

Walking – Brasov is relatively compact and convenient for those who don’t mind exploring the city on foot. The Old Town is easy to navigate, with all shops, attractions and restaurants all within walking distance of each other.

The city also has plenty of footpaths, and visitors can still walk to and from locations at night as there are many well-lit roads. 

Public buses – Plenty of bus stops are located conveniently in the city to get you around. The most popular bus stations are Livada Poștei and Autogara 2. 

To purchase tickets, ticket booths are available next to most major bus stops, where you can buy tickets via card or cash. However, I brought money in case the ticket office was not open, and the bus only accepted cash.

Ridesharing – Use apps like Uber or Bolt for a convenient way to get to bus stops or train stations in Brasov.

What is the best time to visit Brasov?

Brasov is a beautiful place to visit all around. When to visit is hugely dependent on your preferences. 

Summer will be the best time for the weather. However, it is the most crowded. Spring is still warm but offers less crowds.

Autumn is a stunning time to visit with scenic hikes in the woodlands, i.e. during your Tampa Peak hike. It is, however, crowded around Halloween, for obvious reasons *hint* *hint* *Dracula*.

For winter, Brasov comes alive during the festive season with a fantastic Christmas market in Council Square.  

Recommendation: Out of all seasons, I recommend visiting in Spring (April to June).  

Christmas market in Council Square
Council Square gets all festive during the Christmas holiday season!

Where should you stay in Brasov?

The best place to stay is right by the Old Town. With most major attractions in the Old Town, this offers both convenience and a more immersive experience, as you can stay as long as you like, roaming the area without worrying about the long journey back.

If you plan to travel outside of Brasov often, stay next to the Brasov train station or Autogara 2 Transbus Codreanu for a more convenient option to use the transport; however, the city is relatively small, so transport links aren’t lengthy and can easily be accessed on foot.

What are the best restaurants in Brasov?

Brasov has an array of delicious restaurants and cafes to suit all budgets. Here are some of my favourites I recommend to anyone visiting, with options for everyone;

  1. Ograda (££) – Attentive staff, mouth-watering food and a chilled ambience. My top recommendation for excellent and affordable dining. 
  2. La Ceaun (££) – Good alternative to Ograda. It offers similar food with excellent service – a brilliant place to go for lovely views across Council Square while dining. 
  3. Fine-dining option* (£££) Casa Hircher –  Delicious food, vibrant atmosphere and attentive staff. It is well recommended and located conveniently in the heart of the Old Town. The average meal is 70 Lei, which is still affordable. You can get a pasta dish for less than 60 LEI!
  4. Sergiana (££)  – Stunning aesthetic, flavourism cultural food. Brilliant restaurant just outside the Old Town. It is one of Brasov’s most popular and raved-about restaurants and deserves its plaudits.
  5. Shakespeare coffee & poetry (££) – Acquaint cafe in the Old Town of Brasov, just minutes from Casa Hircher. Perfect for an afternoon beverage or a wholesome treat in the evening. I highly recommend visiting here! 

Do you need to tip at restaurants in Brasov?

Tipping for restaurants is expected in Brasov with a 10% fee on your restaurant bill. However, it is not compulsory.

Some restaurants will automatically apply it to the bill, which can be removed upon request –  you will just have to go through the awkward interactions if you refuse to pay it!

Key note: The preferred payment method for restaurants is by credit/debit card. You can pay with cash. Most restaurants won’t let you split the bill and will only use cash or card. So ideally, bring one or the other.

Look for ‘Bacsi’ for tips added to the bill. 

Receipt in Brasov Romania

Does Brasov have an Airport?

Yes, the airport nearest to Brasov is Brașov-Ghimbav International Airport. It was newly built in 2023. As it is only recently up and running, only 17 airports can currently fly there. You can check out the complete list of direct airport links here. 

For those who can’t fly to Brasov’s airport, Bucharest Otopeni (OTP) Airport is the nearest one available, with many train links available to Brasov. 

Getting from Brașov-Ghimbav International Airport to Brasov

By Taxi – Taxis are situated just outside the airport. I warn you, some of them will try to charge you an excessive amount. 

By Bus – To get to Brasov from Brasov-Gimbav International Airport by bus, catch the A1 bus to the Livada Postei bus station, a short walk from the Old Town.

The bus stop is conveniently located just outside the front of the airport. You can purchase your tickets from the bus driver. A single route costs 5 Lei.

If you want to return to the airport, buses run from Livada Postei, and ticket kiosks are nearby to purchase your bus tickets.

Can I travel to Bucharest from Brasov for a day?

Yes, of course. A train journey from Brasov Train Station to Bucharest North will take 2 hours and 30 minutes. If you leave in the morning, you’ll have plenty of time to explore Bucharest. The last train departs at 8:30 pm from Bucharest Nord for your return. Prices average around 118 Lei for return (59 single).

There are ticket booths at the station. However, I recommend purchasing digital tickets on the CFR Călători mobile app for convenience. Simply show the QR code during inspection.

Final thoughts on a 3-day itinerary in Brasov

Well, that’s the end of the 3-day itinerary in Brasov!

If you need more tips, tricks, or ways to help plan efficiently for your trip to Brasov, contact me. I hope you have a brilliant time in the city. Safe travels! 

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